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Workshops are available to registered Conference delegates only. Each workshop has limited capacity so will beĀ allocated on a first come first served basis.

Workshop 1: Seed Banking 101

Seed scientists from Australian institutions and the Millennium Seed Bank will instruct delegates in the basics of establishing and managing seed and gene banking programs, including identifying target species, planning and conducting field work, and implementing best-practice approaches and techniques. These methods ensure that seeds are collected responsibly and stored appropriately to maintain viability, and grown-on effectively. These methods can be applied to individual research projects through to long-term conservation programs.

Workshop 2: Australian Academy of Science Fenner Conference on the Environment 2021 - Exceptional times, exceptional plants.

The Australasian Seed Science Conference will host the Fenner Conference on the Environment 2021.

Workshop 3: Analysing seed data with R

Delegates will learn the fundamentals of designing robust seed germination experiments and will work through a range of standard and innovative approaches for statistical analysis of seed and germination data.