Workshop 3 – Analysing seed data with R

Friday the 10th September 2021, hosted by Adrienne Nicotra, Terry Neeman and Sergey Rosbakh.

if you have registered for this workshop you will receive the files by email from Arinex before the event. Please download the files and set up R before the workshop if you plan to follow along and run the code live.

This one-day workshop is devoted to the fundamentals of designing and analysing seed biology and ecology studies. The participants will work through a range of standard and innovative approaches for robust statistical analysis of field and experimental data. The analysis will be demonstrated on real data using the R and Rstudio software (we expect participants to have basic R and statistical skills).

The workshop covers following topics:
• Part 1 Introduction to robust experimental design (Adrienne Nicotra)
• Part 2 Data wrangling and vizualisation (Terry Neeman)
• Part 3 Linear models (Sergey Rosbakh)
• Part 4 Generalized linear models (Sergey Rosbakh)

The workshop is particularly aimed at:
• PhD and Master’s students
• Ecologists, evolutionary biologists, plant conservation biologists
• Staff of private and public bodies in the fields of nature conservation and restoration (e.g. botanic gardens, seed banks, seed companies, environmental and project consultants)