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We are pleased to invite you to support the Australian Seed Bank Partnership’s Australasian Seed Science Conference in collaboration with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Australian Network for Plant Conservation, Australian National University, Australian Grains Genebank and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The Conference is an opportunity to engage with some of the world’s leading seed scientists. Your participation will provide invaluable support to enrich the Conference, and enable the continued sharing of scientific advances, which are crucial to plant conservation, agricultural cropping and landscape restoration.

Your participation is important because this funding:

  • Contributes to the operation of the Conference;
  • Keeps registration fees low, enabling early career researchers and attendees from regional and remote locations to have a greater opportunity to engage online; and
  • Promotes research and education into the field of seed science.

Your organisation will benefit by supporting the Conference, because you will receive:

  • A unique opportunity to gain exposure to an interested, relevant and influential global audience in an informal yet informative environment; and
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s positive environmental and social values, and commitment to plant conservation issues.

Early confirmation of your participation will ensure a longer and therefore higher level of exposure.

For further information on sponsoring, please contact the Sponsorship Managers at coordinator@seedpartnership.org.au.