Social Events

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Locally organised social networking events

As the ASSC 2021 is a wholly virtual conference, ticketed networking events will not be arranged by the Conference Organising Committee. Instead the Committee encourages delegates to organise their own COVID-19 compliant social events in their city or local area. Come together with your local colleagues and networks over a drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner (depending on your time zone!) to discuss the exciting findings of the conference. When the time comes we invite you to share your event pictures on social media using #SeedScience2021 or send your images to us at and we can share them for you. 

Early to Middle Career Researcher Networking Event

Day: Monday 6th September 2021 

Platform: GatherTown (access details will be sent to delegates a few days prior)

Time (AEST): Room opens 6pm.

Come along on Monday at 6pm on Gathertown for an early to middle career researchers networking event. It will be a fun social event to meet other seed scientists and create new networks during the conference. Bring along your drink of choice! 

More information will be emailed to delegates prior to the conference.

Facilitator: Susan Everingham is a PhD candidate in plant evolutionary ecology at UNSW and the Australian Botanic Garden studying plant responses to climate change. Her research aims to use historic data such as herbarium specimens, ex situ stored seeds and old datasets to determine if plants have adapted through time. In particular, Susan focuses on combining these changes and adaptations in computer models with multiple climate indices to determine if climate change; and which aspects of climate change; are impacting our plant traits and adaptations.

ASSC 2021 – Trivia Night!

Day: Tuesday 7th September 2021 

Platform: GatherTown (access details will be sent to delegates a few days prior)

Time (AEST): Room opens 6pm. Quiz starts at 6.10pm. Quiz finishes 6.45pm.

Team Size: max of 5 people per team

Quiz Maximum Capacity: max of 50 people can participate in the quiz.

Prize: There will be a mystery seed-related prize for the winning team

Quizmaster Nathan Emery is a fan of puns and a Restoration Biology Officer firmly planted at the Australian Institute of Botanical Science. When not asking difficult trivia questions, Nathan’s research is a combination of plant ecology, seed biology and translocation, and he has worked on difficult to propagate species such as Actinotus and Persoonia. He also works on the seed biology of threatened ecological communities in northwest NSW.