Conference Program

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The Conference will be held virtually froom the 6-10 September 2021, featuring keynote speakers, presentations, live Q&A sessions, digital posters and workshops. The main science program will be on 6 and 7, followed by workshops on 8 – 10 September.

Delegates will have the opportunity to meet virtually and share ideas, focusing on the importance of seed science to the future of plant conservation and food security. Australian and international delegates will be drawn from institutions and non-government organisations with interests covering seed science, agriculture, conservation and restoration and cultural seed banking. International and national experts will be speaking on dormancy and germination; seed storage, conservation, and utilisation; establishment and management; seed ecology and cultural seed banking.

ASSC 2021 will be covering the following themes:

  1. Seed biology and evolutionary ecology – Unlocking the challenges of germination, dormancy and seed ecology in a changing world.
  2. Seed sourcing and end-use – Considering genetic diversity, restoration and translocations as well as sector specific approaches to seed conservation and use.
  3. Seed and gene bank management – The ins and outs of managing ex situ seed banks and gene banks and the methods for maximising seed quality and longevity.
  4. Seeds in culture and society – Sharing stories and learning about historical, socio-cultural, and legal practices of seed conservation, use, exchange, and repatriation, including collaborations between traditional use, community, and ex situ seed banks and gene banks.

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